[Mantis-ti-discussion] Announcing Mantis 0.2.1 due to bugfix in Dingos

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[Mantis-ti-discussion] Announcing Mantis 0.2.1 due to bugfix in Dingos

Bernd Grobauer

as described yesterday, Dingos 0.2.0 and before had a real problem when
importing objects into a system that already has lot's of imported data.
As suspected, the culprit was an illformed query, which essentially
required the database to go through all facts in the system for
each imported fact.

The bugfix (and some additional small changes) are all in Dingos 0.2.1 --
Mantis 0.2.1 only changed with respect to the required Dingos version
as specified in the requirements/base.txt-File.

To upgrade, please do

> pip install django-dingos --upgrade

if you have installed via pip or pull the current version of django-dingos
from github.

Kind regards,


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