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[Mantis-ti-discussion] New features in upcoming 0.2.0 release of Mantis

Bernd Grobauer
Dear all,

when I announced the mailing list, I wrote about planning to release
version 0.2.0 of Mantis in the next few days.

It has taken a bit longer than that, but the release should finally
happen during the upcoming week.

I have just compiled a list of the new features and changes
in django-dingos v0.2.0, which I include below for your information.

Kind regards,



Dingos 0.2.0

* New base functionality

  * Added framework for managing user-specific data (user configurations,
    saved searches, etc.) and querying user-specific data in templates and views.

  * Added tracking of namespace information per component of a fact term
    (where, e.g., in "Properties/Hashes/Hash/Simple_Hash_Value", the components
    are "Properties", "Hashes", "Hash", and "Simple_Hash_Value").

* New/Modified views

  * Modifications to filter views

    * Modified date-picker in filters to enable addition of timespans without
      invalidating existing saved searches or messing up order of timespans

    * Added several further filter criteria in InfoObject filter

  * Added view with basic and still rather restricted editing capabilities for
    InfoObjects -- currently only used for editing user preferences or
    edits by the superuser

  * Added view to edit user configuration

  * Added view to edit saved searches

  * Added per-column ordering to list views

  * Added new filter/search that shows unique Facts rather than all
    InfoObjects containing a certain fact.

* New/added capabilities for writing views

  * Added framework for ordering list views

  * Added per-user configuration for:

    * layout (horizontal vs. vertical)

    * number of rows to show in list views

    * number of rows to show in widget displaying objects in which a
      displayed object is embedded

* Bug fixes / Improvements

  * Fixes to and further development of JSON export (still needs work to make
    the to_dict function of InfoObjects generic and configurable such as
    the from_dict function), but for STIX/CybOX, the JSON export now
    gives usable data.

  * Fixed bug in generation of InfoObjects: when a placeholder for a given
    ID already existed, the placeholder was not reliably found and

* New/Modified command-line commands

  * Added command line arguments to basic import command:
    * ability to add IDs of marking objects to be added to imported objects
    * ability to automatically move imported XML files to other folder after

  * Added command to reset user-settings and saved searches for a given user.

  * Added command to re-calculate object names.

    This is useful to run right after an import, recalculating the
    names of 'Observable' InfoObjects created in the past few minutes.  Thus, the
    problem that those Observables that are to be named after the (single)
    object they contain do not carry a proper name (because at creation time
    of the Observable, the Object usually does not exist, yet) can be fixed.

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